What is Sport Court Surfacing and How Does it Work?

What is Sport Court Surfacing and How Does it Work

If you’re ready to upgrade from the basketball hoop over the garage door, why not explore all the available options? Maybe you’re wondering, “What is a sport court, and why do I need one?” A sport court can up your game and help prevent player injuries while you enjoy hours of fun doing what you do best. Let us help you visualize your best game with the help of different types of sports court options.

What Is a Sports Court?

A proper sports court is a must for serious athletes, even when that court is in your backyard. You take your sport and body seriously, so treat them right with a court designed to keep you playing.

Plan on a sports court with a specialized surface for proper friction, ball action, and a reassuring amount of shock absorption to reduce sports-related injuries. You might spend more than a couple of hours a week playing ball. If so, your knees and ankles will thank you for installing a performance-improving type of sports court surface material.

Your sports court should be a long-lasting option requiring minimal maintenance to keep it looking great for a long time.

Different Types of Sports Courts

What’s your game? Sports courts come in various surfaces and designs to support activities like basketball, tennis, pickleball, and more. You can install a sports court indoors or outdoors and customize it for your needs and team colors. Bring your best players and look for the best sports court options.

Basketball Courts

Design your basketball sports court with your joints and training in mind. With the proper surface, you’ll feel the difference in traction and ball response and love how your body responds on the rebound. Read more about building a basketball court and its costs in our other blog posts.

Basketball Courts

Tennis and Pickleball Courts

Which side of the net do you fall on? Are you a tennis or a pickleball fan? We’ve got you covered with information on easy-to-install, versatile courts ready for a little Friday night fun, high school tennis practice, or a serious neighborhood pickleball competition. Curious about the costs of building a pickleball court? We have answers.

Volleyball Courts

Gather the whole team for Saturday morning practice on a volleyball court meant for volleyball players. Design your volleyball court to protect against impact injuries so the ball stays in the air as long as possible.

Soccer Courts

Indoor and outdoor soccer venues need flat, forgiving surfaces that treat your VIP players with care. Build a court that offers excellent ball control and protected goalie dives.

Soccer Courts

Multi-Sport Courts

No one ever said you have to stick to a single sport. You can customize your sport court for all your player’s needs. Optimize and account for multiple game days with custom, multipurpose courts that fit your lifestyle.

Benefits of Backyard Sports Courts 

At Dominator, we know you like to play hard. That’s why we want to see you enjoy your dream of the perfect backyard gaming setup. Designing and building a basketball court or pickleball court means convenience and maximum family fun. Let Dominator help you create a sporting oasis. Bring the fun, physical exercise, skill practice, and time with family and friends into your home and community and increase your property value at the same time.

Why Should You Build a Sport Court?

  • Skill Improvement: The proper surface can mean all the difference when ball control and footwork rule the game. The right sports court provides optimal practice conditions to help you improve your game.
  • Safety: Your body is your number one asset. Protect it with shock-absorbing flooring that’s easy on your joints and reduces the chances of fall-related injuries.
  • Cost: The initial building cost may appear higher than other options. However, it’s balanced by lower upkeep and maintenance needs and a long-lasting court.
  • Durability: An adequately constructed sports court is designed to last. You won’t spend all your time repairing and providing upkeep for your court. Play on a reliable game surface for many years.

Customization: Bring your sports court specifications, design area, dimensions, and favorite colors to the table. Dominator has the accessories to help you fulfill your dream.

Are You Ready to Take Your Game to the Next Level? 

Plan your backyard sports court and start with Dominator’s quality basketball hoops and pickleball products