If you’re creating a dedicated court, we recommend pouring concrete that is at least 45′ x 30′. This will fit a full three point line and still leave room to shoot around it. For help planning your court, click here.

If your court will be used exclusively for basketball, then brushed concrete adds a lot of grip and is recommended. If the court will aslo be used by younger kids that could potentially fall, the scrapes will be worse than on normal concrete and we do not recommend it. 

The Dominator Basketball Hoop is built to last. We are so confident in our product that we recently upgraded from a 10 year warranty to a lifetime warranty. The aluminum won’t corrode, and neither will the stainless steel hardware.

At Dominator, quality is our number one concern. Every detail of our basketball hoop is meticulously engineered to give the highest quality. The welds, the materials, and the enginering have all been hand picked to ensure that this is the highest quality hoop on the market.

The Dominator Basketball Hoop and its competitors both have rims, backboards and are made for playing basketball. That’s where the similarities end – we have completely reinvented the outdoor basketball hoop. We use aluminum instead of steel, telescoping height adjustments instead of parallel linkage systems and a single extension arm instead of four tentacles. For a more thorough review of what makes us different, click here.

The 72XL has a 4′ overhang and the 60XL has a 3′ overhang. On a regulation basketball court the distance from the baseline to the backboard is 4′, which is why we have the 4′ overhang on our regulation size 72XL.

The crank handle extends just 8″ from the base pole. We recommend an additional 8″ for comfortable height adjustments, for a total of 16″ behind the hoop. Competitor systems use a parallel linkage system for height adjustments, meaning they have metal arms extending behind the hoop that extend even further as the hoop is lowered. This requires much more room than the sleek telescoping height adjustment the Dominator uses.

No, both are equally likely to break, they just break differently. Glass shatters while acrylic cracks, but either way the backboard becomes useless once it has broken.

No, this hoop will never rust. Aluminum has no iron in it, meaning it cannot bond with oxygen to form rust. The stainless steel hardware is also rust-free. 

Three adults should be able to assemble the Dominator Basketball Hoop in 60 minutes. If you need assistance, checkout our installation guide or contact us.

Yes, but it leaves you with two options. The easiest option is to install the hoop directly adjacent to the already poured concrete. The second option is to use a jackhammer to break through the already poured concrete, which is doable but discouraged.

Our hoop lowers to 7′. Any lower than that is a violation of the ASTM standard. Having the hoop go any lower is a safety hazard for young children. 7′ is low enough for young children to shoot on the hoop and have fun, but lowering to 5′ increases the safety hazard.

The 72XL is regulation size. The backboard is 72″ x 42″ x 1/2″ and the overhang is 4′. And, of course, the rim goes as high as 10′.

Dominator does not do installations. We recommend you contact your local handyman, court builder, or concrete contractor for installations. Check out our installer directory for installers near you.

All new models come equipped with an oil gun and several oil reception ports on the base pole. It is recommended that you lubricate the hoop once per year to keep everything working smoothly.