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4 Things to Consider When Installing Backyard Outdoor Basketball Lights

Sport court lit up

Installing outdoor basketball lights can significantly uplift the backyard basketball experience. Proper lighting transforms a home court, enabling you to enjoy games long after the sun has set. Court lighting adds a touch of professional flair to your personal space. This initial step is all about understanding the basics and envisioning how a well-lit court […]

Pickleball vs. Tennis: What’s the Difference?

Pickleball has swept the nation as one of the fastest-growing sports. It’s easy to learn, and its rules and size regulations allow players of many ages and abilities to enjoy the game. Some people wonder about the difference between pickleball and paddle tennis, but even more people compare pickleball to tennis because of similar courts […]

How to Install an In-Ground Basketball Hoop: Your Ultimate Guide

How to Install an In-Ground Basketball Hoop Your Ultimate Guide

Have you always dreamed of having your own basketball hoop? The idea of being able to shoot hoops any time of day is exhilarating, so what’s stopping you?  A lot of people are held back by the daunting task of installing an in-ground hoop. Paying a professional to do it could get pricey, but you […]

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Basketball Court? Factors to Consider

If you have a love for basketball, you’ve probably thought about building a court. Owning a basketball court is super convenient and adds another layer of enjoyment for the game. The central question becomes: How much does it cost to build a basketball court?  The answer depends on several factors, including: This blog post examines […]

DIY Basketball Court: How to Build a Backyard Basketball Court

Basketball court built in a backyard

A backyard basketball court has many benefits. For starters, it provides an opportunity for hours of outdoor exercise and is more convenient than driving to your local gym. Plus, unlike a pool, a basketball court is cheap and easy to maintain. It can also add resale value to your home.  But perhaps the biggest benefit […]

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pickleball Court Outdoors?

pickleball court

Pickleball’s popularity has been sweeping the nation, gaining thousands of fans along the way. The game is simple and easy enough for anyone to play. It’s an excellent way for friends and family to spend time together and get some exercise.  As the popularity of pickleball grows, so does the demand for pickleball courts. If […]

How to Build a Pickleball Court: What You Need to Know

Pickleball is a sport whose popularity cannot be overstated. Figures show that “more than 36.5 million people played pickleball from August 2021 to August 2022.” The sport is inexpensive, requires minimal equipment, and is a great way to engage with friends and family.  If you’ve been inspired to take your practice sessions to a new […]