Dominator 60 XL Basketball Hoop


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The Dominator 60 XL is a premiere outdoor basketball hoop. With a modified backboard made of tempered glass and a smaller overhang size, it is designed for those with limited playing space. This is the perfect option for those who want unmatched quality in a smaller space.


This 60″ Basketball Hoop is the only basketball hoop on the market that has a rust-proof designed frame. Aluminum has been used for this basketball goal to provide strength and preventing rust. We use T6061 aluminum for this basketball goal, this is the same aluminum used in aircraft, automotive components, boats/yachts, and much more. There is no other basketball system comparable to the Dominator for multiple reasons, but one of the main being the Dominator is corrosion resistant.


Outdoor basketball hoops need to be designed correctly. The Dominator hoop is the best basketball goal on the market and has been designed to replicate an indoor gym basketball system. It offers a real shooting and dunking experience for basketball player in an outdoor setting. The backboard is made of 1/2″ tempered glass which creates an NBA/NCAA like experience and the way the ball bounces off the 60″ glass backboard is unlike any other outdoor goal.


This 60″ basketball hoop is the easiest heavy duty basketball goal to adjust. The hoop adjusts straight up and down which is unlike other hoops on the market. The straight up and down movement of the Dominator means that the distance from the hoop to the freethrow line never changes. The distance will always be 15 feet. Other basketball systems get closer to the free throw line as the goal is lowered and get further from the freethrow line as the goal is raised.


Another benefit of aluminum is that it is lightweight. This means that installation will be a breeze. Each hoop only has 4 pieces. The rim, the backboard, the overhang arm (3 ft), and the main post/pole. The anchor has been designed to make installation as easy as possible. The bottom part of the main pole pivots, which leads to a quick and easy install. Each piece is connected with stainless steel hardware making for one of the most sturdy inground basketball hoops out there.


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