Single 150 W LED Light Full Assembly


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  • Easy to Assemble – 3 Steps… That’s all!

  • Covers a 30 ft by 30 ft area

  • Completely Rust Proof

  • Play all Day and all Night


The Dominator 16 foot square aluminum light pole is made of 6061 T6 aluminum which is the same material used in the watercraft, aircraft, and automotive industry. Each pole has 4 inch wide sides with a wall thickness of 0.125 inches.

Single Tennon Top:

Poles are provided with a slip-fitting aluminum top tenon. The dimension of the tenon is 2 3/8″ outside diameter with 4 inches in length. Customers should confirm the appropriate tenon size required by their project prior to ordering. 

Anchor/Mounting Bolts:

This light pole includes four (4) J-shaped, fully galvanized anchor bolts and galvanized hardware consisting of four (4) hex nuts, four (4) lock washers and four (4) flat washers as well as one (1) steel anchor bolt template are included. For your convenience, anchor bolts can be pre-shipped for a nominal surcharge.


A welded base hinge is incorporated into the post making it easy to raise and lower the light post if needed. This makes installation and assembly extremely easy because of the lightweight feature of aluminum and innovative design of the base. 


A handhole is located 18 inches above ground. A handhole cover and two (2) stainless steel self-tapping attaching screws are included. We recommend putting a switch and cover here to make it easy to turn your light on and off.

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 192 × 12 × 12 in


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