Why Should You Collaborate With Dominator?

We want your help to promote the best sport products out there. To highlight some of our best features, everything is made with aluminum, making them antirust, sturdy, and creating attractive looking hoops, lights, and pickleball posts.

We know our products are second to none in the industry. Our affiliates have the opportunity to gain access to new products, commission, discounts + more. If you already love Dominator, or you have an audience that would LOVE our products, what is stopping you from becoming an affiliate? 

All Sport Training Net
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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the difference between a Brand Ambassador and an Influencer? 

    1. Brand Ambassadors are a variety or individuals who already know and love the Dominator brand, and are looking for ways to personally promote it. 
    2. Influencers are content creators who have a significant following and influence over their audience’s purchasing decisions.

What do I get for being a part of the Brand Ambassador/Influencer Program? 

      1. Discounts for your audience
      2. Commission for affiliate purchases
      3. Updates on future product drops
      4. Exclusive personal discounts
      5. Monthly incentives
      6. + more to come! 

Can I get free product if I join the affiliate program? 

This depends on the individual and their outreach/what they are able to give in return. Typically, we work with you on a discounted basis to start out. 

How do I get paid? 

Those who are strategic and consistent in their efforts to promote our products, see the return on their end. Becoming an affiliate does not guarantee commission!